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Scrimmages hosted at ISAA

We are very excited and thankful to announce that we now offer weekly scrimmage sessions as part of our training regimen. Please make sure that you make it part of your schedule on a regular basis as this helps dial in training needs!

Scrimmages @ ISAA 


&  Their Value

Very excited and thankful to be given the opportunity to work with ISAA and their staff to be able to provide a place where we can play and learn.  The main purpose for these scrimmage sessions on our calendar is to provide a safe game like environment where players can work on their skills and abilities.  Every time a player comes to our scrimmage sessions, we are given the opportunity to see their actions and behaviors on the pitch, live and raw!  This time allows us to evaluate the work that they are putting into their development at the academy and outside of it.  It also helps us constantly adjust priorities based on deficiencies or areas of improvement, as well as enhance areas of high value. 


The best way to elaborate on this is with an example:  One of our younger players got the opportunity to play with an older group due to some rescheduling. Although we were hesitant to bring her on based on age, size & a very shy personality, her grit and drive shone immediately.  We were able to see how this very timid player has transformed.  Her defensive effort and her ball control have grown leaps and bounds in a matter of months.  Not only that, but because of her presence on the pitch, we were able to identify multiple key points in her game that once adjusted, will make her a much better player.  Very excited to see what will happen once these points are addressed! As you can hopefully imagine.  The scrimmages are not just for fun, they are a great addition to the individual training and certainly adds to the value of what we do every week. Please try to make sure that your player attends.

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